Civil Rights and Foreign Policy

From Foreign Affairs, written by Senator Chris Murphy (D) of Connecticut on the impact of a new Civil Rights movement on America’s foreign policy and our image abroad.

The attraction of a democracy is the ability of ordinary people to decide their future and for those same ordinary people to join with one another in collective action to right long-standing wrongs. In the United States, the power of the status quo is such that successful instances of major, grassroots-led change are few and far between. But when change does occur—as happened during the first civil rights movement—it reminds the world of the awesome power of the United States and its model of governance. The signs held aloft at the 1968 Democratic convention read: “The Whole World Is Watching,” and indeed it was. 

Murphy, Chris. (2020, June 12) A New Civil Rights Movement Is a Foreign Policy Win. Foreign Affairs.

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