“Many People…want to Walk by Institutionalized Racism”

Former New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu on the topic of removing a statue of Robert E. Lee in New Orleans:

There is no defense for having a monument in a place of reverence to a person who fought to destroy the country in order to preserve slavery. The whole point of reverential monuments in public spaces is to encourage people to be like that person. That’s the whole point! Why shouldn’t we use the names of our military bases to honor American heroes or people who lift us up? Why in the world would we want our young kids, Black or white, walking by names that communicate to them that you don’t belong here or, if I would have had my way, you wouldn’t currently be capable of reading or writing? The war is over. The United States won. Thank God.

Smith, Chris. (2020, June 23). “Many People…want to Walk by Institutionalized Racism”: Mitch Landrieu, Former New Orleans Mayor, on the Hard Work of Uprooting the Confederacy. Vanity Fair. https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2020/06/mitch-landrieu-on-uprooting-the-confederacy

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