The Protests in Photos has a powerful photo essay by Rachel Cobb of images from the protests in NYC.

The most powerful pieces aren’t necessarily the ones where there’s a lot of action taking place; it’s the solo portraits, like the one of Marie Blanchard, 34, that will take your breath away. This is a must-see portfolio.

Rachel’s Instagram is also a must-follow and features other powerful imagery, like this portrait of Jibril Morris.

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At the Memorial Prayer for George Floyd at Cadman Plaza 6/4/20, Jibril Morris says: “I have five younger siblings and I promise they will not have to face the injustices I have. Not one more.” 2: At Barclays Center in Brooklyn 6/6/20, Nysheva-Starr would like to see “the implementation of a policy that will hold officers accountable whenever they take a life.” 3: At a rally at Washington Square Park, Manhattan, 6/6/20, Ibrahim Diop: “The principles of how this country was founded – the stolen land, the people who were stolen from Africa – this country is rooted in racism. I would like everyone to be aware of the skeletons they’re walking on.” Link to full essay published in LitHub in my bio. Thank you Lit Hub.

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