What It’s Like to Be a Black Journalist in America Today

Carvell Wallace on why the George Floyd murder resonates so much with the nation.

My observation over the years has been that when it comes to issues of race, white people don’t respond to our pain; they respond to theirs. And I think that for all the reasons you just mentioned, Jelani, this caused pain in white people in a way that maybe these other things didn’t. But I also think, against the backdrop of COVID, one of the things that really strikes me is that this is the first time a lot of white people have ever experienced the America that we experience all the time. An America in which forces you can’t control are controlling you, are threatening your livelihood, are threatening your health.

Cobb, Jelani, Haines, Errin, Hampton, Rachelle, Samuels, Alex, & Wallace, Carvel. (2020, June 23). “White People Don’t Respond to Our Pain; They Respond to Theirs”: What it’s really like to be a Black journalist in America. Slate https://slate.com/news-and-politics/2020/06/black-journalists-american-media-roundtable.html

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