White Americans Are Waking up to Racism

One recent afternoon, while washing his car, Greg Reese, a white stay-at-home dad in Campton, Ky., peeled off the Confederate flag magnet he had placed on its trunk six years earlier. He did not put it back on.

It was a small act for which he expected no accolades. It should not have taken the police killing of George Floyd, Mr. Reese knew, to face what he had long known to be true, that the flag he had grown up thinking of as “a beautiful trophy” was “a symbol of hate, and it’s obviously wrong to glorify it.”

Harmon, Amy, & Burch, Audra, D.S. (2020, June 22). White Americans Say They Are Waking Up to Racism. What Will It Add Up To? The New York Times. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/06/22/us/racism-white-americans.html

It’s a start. A very long-delayed, often denied, much needed, very obvious start.

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